How to Set a Decorating Budget for the Holidays!

10 Dec 2017

Decorating your interior on a budget

With the holidays right around the corner, budgeting becomes an important factor to keep in mind! Decorating your interior on a budget isn’t about being cheap – it’s about being smart!

Whether it’s buying gifts for friends and family, or hosting dinner parties, this time of the year puts a dent into all of our wallets. A decorating budget will be your most important tool when it comes to redesigning your interior for a fresh look for the season! Ready to fill your house without emptying your wallet?
This is how we recommend doing it:

1) Make a Wish-list

Holoday Decoration | Wishlist

Go through your home, and determine what you need and want. Are you looking for additions, or changes? To help with your brainstorming and inspiration process, you can search and collect photos from social media pages, the internet, magazines, etc. Do you have specific statement pieces in mind? Let your imagination run wild!

To start, you can view our instagram page for a source of inspiration (Instagram Inspiration).

2) Set Your Budget

Determine what your regular expenses are, and how much you can spend for this project. At the end of the day, your budget should be the amount you’re happy to spend without feeling guilty. Once your budget is set, you and/or your designer can help you determine what exactly to spend it on. To start with a general idea, your budget should include costs for furniture, flooring, paint, accessories, and decor.

3) Create A Decorating Plan

Stairway Design in Scandinavian Style
From fixtures to wall accessories, a decorating plan helps you create the overall look. With your decor list and budget in front of you, start prioritizing the necessities over the secondary decor items. Is it important to determine whether you wish to focus on a few rooms only, or the whole house.

This is where you may want to seek our professional advice!
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4) Final Considerations

Avoid impulse buys and stick to your plan and budget! Be sure to do your research and compare price tags by comparison shopping. This can help you save a-lot on extra costs!

The more research you do and familiarize yourself with items in the market, the more informed decisions you’ll be able to make.

Our professional guidance can help you with this process, and give the best value for your buck.
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Have a happy December!
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