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Here’s a little Case Study on a home staging project we completed for a Toronto residence. We turned a compact sized house, into a spacious and sophisticated home!

Here’s how we did it:

Our client was very eager and willing to listen to our recommendations in order to have his house sold during the slowest month of real estate. We explained to our client during our initial consultation that potential buyers will walk through his home and make a mental checklist of all the things that are wrong with the house, and that we are there to eliminate any negative factors that buyers will make note of. This would give him the best chance of selling within the price range and time he wanted.

First impressions are everything, so be sure to conquer that first impression and make a memorable impact on your potential buyer with our services! Our techniques are aligned with top of the line interior designing and home staging strategies that have proven results of selling homes.

The Step by Step Process

First, we had our packing crew go through the house and organize our clients’ personal belongings. As we all know, our personal items accumulate over the year, and this would be the perfect time to let go of things that we know we don’t need, or want before we become borderline hoarders.

Then we brought our professional movers to remove everything from the home in order to make space for the staging furniture. This step was very important not only for the staging process, but also to make room for the painters to do their magic. Our movers organized the clients’ belongings and moved everything to a storage unit close to the home for easy access to their personal belongings.

“We eliminate any negative factors that buyers will make note of.”

For the third step, we had our painters apply a fresh coat of paint through out the house. This involved painting walls, trims, and ceilings. This is an important step in selling any property, as it gives potential buyers the Peace of Mind that the home is ready and turnkey investment.

Next step, our design team went through the house and made a list of all light fixtures that needed to be replaced. Given this was a 30 plus year old home, you can imagine how trends have changed since then. Replacing light fixtures are an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up any property. It can make even the smallest home seem more open and inviting.

Given the home had not been renovated, we knew it was important to freshen up the floors without incurring too much cost. We replaced the carpets in an economically cost-effective way for our client. If the carpet can be saved and is in good condition, we always recommend a cleaning to fluff up and make the carpet look fresh. If this is not an option, then we suggest to have it replaced.This will erase any negative factors on the house.

After our professional team of trades were done their job, we had our trustee cleaning crew go through the house and clean it from top to bottom. This step is most important even if you have to skip everything else, make sure to have your home professionally cleaned prior to listing.

Now See What The House Looked Like Before…

…And The Way It Looked After

The Staging Day

After everything was completed with our team of trades, the big day arrived to beautify the house and make it appealing to potential buyers. We have to say, even with the changes we made prior to staging, the house looks 100% more appealing than it had at our initial consultation.

Our client could not believe this was the same house he had been living in for the past three decades!

If you are ready for an interior transformation in order to increase your opportunity to sell at a higher value, feel free to contact us! We give a FREE initial consultation to all clients!

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